Delivery & Supplies


Marigold Delivery Schedule 

Marigold Staff Schedule - Marigold Use Only

Marigold provides timely and economical van delivery to member libraries:

  • weekly delivery and pickup of library materials
  • delivery of correspondence, promotional materials, announcements, and reports

Delivery & ILL Procedures for Library Staff

Colour-Coded Delivery Key (updated March 15, 2024) *for Marigold member library use only

Questions or concerns? Contact your Library Services Consultant.

Shipping/Receiving Supplies

Marigold supplies member libraries with a number of items for shipping and receiving library materials.

  • Please submit your supply request at least 2-3 days before your delivery day to ensure prompt shipment.
  • Supplies List (updated November 2023)
  • To order items from this list, please fill out our Supplies Request form.

Purchasing Program

Marigold Library System is a member of the Calgary and Area Public Purchasing Group (PPG). The PPG is a group of organizations in Calgary and surrounding areas that collectively purchase office supplies on the premise that buying more saves money. The PPG negotiates substantial discounts with multiple vendors which enables Marigold to pass on these savings to its member libraries. 

Every Marigold member library is automatically a member of the Purchasing Program! There is no registration required, no fees to participate, and no obligation to use the service.

The Purchasing Department at Marigold comparison shops between our vendors to find you the best deals for office supplies, equipment, and furniture. 

Several orders from multiple member libraries are combined each week into one large order to meet the free shipping minimums and to receive the discounts offered.

And member library can order at any time and there is no minimum purchase to use the service.

For procurement, Marigold sources two groups of vendors:

  • PPG participating vendors who offer discounts and free shipping
  • Non-PPG vendors

Vendor proves and discounts change frequently. Marigold's main criteria for vendor selection is based on who is offering the best deal at the time of purchase.

  1. Email with your purchase request. 
  2. You will receive a response including multiple comparable links of the requested item(s) including the total cost with shipping and/or additional charges. *note that prices are subject to frequent changes
  3. Once you authorize your selection and the price quote is verified, the order will be placed.
  4. Orders arrive at Marigold HQ and are verified and sent out with the library's next van delivery.
  5. Marigold's Accounting Administrator will invoice your library for your purchase(s).

Questions about the Purchasing Program? Contact