YRCA stands for Young Reader’s Choice Award and is an award that was started in 1940 by a Seattle bookseller. Participants are children in grades 4-12 in Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. While there is no award given to the winning authors, they DO get the prestige of having their book selected as the winner by their target audience. Voting is done only by the children, but books can be nominated for inclusion by anyone as long as they were published three years prior to the award.

There are three divisions within the award: Junior (Grades 4-6), Intermediate (Grades 7-9), and Senior (Grades 10-12) 

Kids can vote in any category they like, as long as they've read or listened to at least one book in that category.

Voting Rules

Voting is open to students in grades 4 - 12. Students can vote in any or all three divisions (one time only).  Voting opens in March 2025. 

More information can be found on the YRCA website

Check out the new round of YRCA nominees below!

YRCA 2025 Nominees: