Headquarters Publications

Marigold provides professional quality publications, displays, custom promotional materials and marketing software to promote resources, events and services available at the library or through headquarters. These publications also inform library trustees and local library staff about current issues, trends and news, and are helpful in board orientations and presentations to councils.


A list of Library Acronyms to help you navigate the library world.

Advocacy at Your Library

As needed or requested such as a call to action

example   Advocacy at Your Library

Alberta's Regional Library Systems

Working together for regional success — Get the big picture with the regional systems brochure.

Informs stakeholders about the advantages of belonging to a regional library system.

 Regional Library Systems brochure


Calendar For Local Library Boards

Do you know the deadlines for sending certain documents to Public Libraries Service Branch? Do you know when to expect your Service Grant. When is the Member Libraries workshop? The Calendar for local library board lists quick reminders for the year.

Computer Network & IT Consultation Services

In-depth information about Marigold's IT support — Marigold headquarters is the central hub for the delivery of computerized public library services for Marigold member libraries.

Marigold IT Services Brochure

eResources: Digital Content at Your Library marketing brochure

Marigold's eResources at a glance — Take away brochure for patrons has a short summary of current eResources. Marigold staff can print this brochure for member libraries.  

See all eResources

L2U (Library to You) Catalogue

L2U is a free mail service offered to those who face physical or geographic difficulties in visiting their local library in person. Marigold has been providing L2U service since 1981. This is a valuable component of library service and we are pleased to collaborate with our partners, Shortgrass Library System and Chinook Arch Regional Library System, to extend the service to other areas.

   More about L2U including the  L2U Catalogue

Marigold Library System 2021 Annual Report

A beacon of community during the pandemic — Share Marigold's Annual Report 2021  with board members, councils, the public and more. One-stop information shopping about Marigold's accomplishments in 2021.

Marigold eNewsletter
  • shares information and ideas around the system
  • creates awareness of special promotions in the library community, as well as new eResources & training tips
  • published monthly
  • email submissions to

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Marigold Profile

Marigold business facts at a glance — Get information on service population, collaborations and financial statistics with Marigold Profile

Marigold Report to Councils & Special Areas

Marigold Report, issued after each board meeting — highlights decisions made, policies approved and provides details of local, provincial and nation-wide events and promotions. 


Marigold Report April 2022

Marigold Report January 2022


Marigold Report 2021


Marigold Report 2020


Marigold Report 2019

Marigold Services & Support Brochure

Learn about services available to member libraries, including IT and Network Support, Collection Development, Delivery, Consultation & Training, Services & Program Support, Purchasing Program, Communications & Marketing Support, Board Development and more.

Services & Support Brochure

New HQ

In response to suggestions from board members, Marigold staff publishes a quarterly newsletter called New HQ (formerly ReNews). Read about our progress in New HQ — issued after each Marigold Board meeting and as needed. Get details and updates on Marigold's quest for a new headquarters building.

Over to The Project   

November 2021 Issue 17

August 2021 Issue 16

April 2021 Issue 15

January 2021 Issue 14

November 2020 Issue 13

August 2020 Issue 12

April 2020 Issue 11

January 2020 Issue 10

November 2019 Issue 9

August 2020 Issue 8 

April 2019    Issue 7  

January 2019    Issue 6

November 2018    Issue 5

August 2018    Issue 4

April 2018    Issue 3 

January 2018    Issue 2   

November 2017    Issue 1

Overview of Headquarters Staff

This in-house publication is also available upon request — a great resource for orienting member library staff to the roles of Marigold Headquarters staff.  

Overview of Headquarters staff  booklet

Vision 2022

Vision 2022 objectives define the strategies and performance measures that Marigold will pursue to achieve our strategic goals in the 2021-2022 timeframe.

More about Vision2022