About Marigold

Marigold Library System is a not-for-profit municipal collaborative of 42 member municipalities in Southern Alberta, established with the vision of providing cost-effective, quality library service to both urban and rural residents through the sharing of collection material, resources and expertise. 

Marigold is a dynamic, responsive organization that strives to respond to the needs of our members and support our service population. We are the operational hub for the system and our services do not overlap with what public libraries provide to their communities. Our work goes on behind the scenes, but this does not distance us from our commitment to helping people use libraries for learning and enjoyment. 

Marigold maximizes the financial investment of our members by pooling resources and capitalizing on partnerships to obtain the most valuable products and services at the lowest cost, delivering more than any one library or municipality could achieve and at a fraction of the cost of doing it alone.

The value of Marigold is to enhance the depth and breadth of quality public library resources to your community, no matter where you live. Together with Marigold member libraries, we get the latest books, technology, resources and materials in people’s hands and on their screens. Marigold provides training, support, IT infrastructure and digital content that individual libraries could not affordably provide on their own. Our ability to leverage resources for the entire region provides tremendous benefits and cost savings while recognizing the unique needs of each member library, whether located in large urban centres or rural and remote communities.

Public libraries are beacons of connection and community that bring people together, provide opportunities for recreation, inquiry and conversation, and promote civic engagement. Our success is measured in stories of lives changed, families enriched, youth inspired and seniors connected.