About Marigold

Marigold Library System is a not-for-profit municipal collaborative of member municipalities in Southern Alberta, established with the vision of providing cost-effective, state-of-the-art public library services and support. 

Being a part of Marigold makes it possible for residents in all member municipalities to receive the same level of quality public library service no matter where they live. One library can’t do it alone. Through their local member library, patrons in Marigold have access to amazing digital content, high-speed internet and wifi at library locations, access to millions of books, other collection materials and much more.

Marigold Library System provides essential and community-focused services and support that enhance local public library operations and the experience of library patrons:

  • IT network and infrastructure support, including network management, security systems, file storage, help desk support, printing software, onsite equipment installation and servicing, e-mail, website hosting and IT consultation,
  • Ordering library collections, cataloguing items like books, video games, or equipment into a shared database and preparing materials for patrons to discover and use,
  • Providing eBooks and eAudiobooks, streaming services like movies and music, digital/online resources such as Ancestroy.com, Consumer Reports and more,
  • Consultation services to support and provide advice to local library staff, as well as training and continuing education,
  • Van delivery and resource-sharing support,
  • Marketing and advocacy training and support,
  • Programming support, including support for summer reading programs and program kits,
  • Bulk discounts on office supplies, collection supplies, IT equipment, furniture and more,
  • Honour system book deposits in remote areas, mail delivery for homebound and rural patrons, and access to Library Lending Lockers,
  • …and more!!