Headquarters Staff


General inquires:  admin@marigold.ab.ca
Phone:  1.855.934.5334 or 403.934.5334

  Lynne Price (248)

  • Administrative & board matters
  • System membership
  • Levies - municipal & local
  • Provincial matters
  • Presentation to council or local board
  • Marigold services, including suggestions & concerns
  • Media inquiries

Chief Operating Officer
  Laura Taylor (242) (on leave)

  • Policy interpretation
  • eResource questions, suggestions and concerns
  • Grants - including, Federal, Provincial
  • Annual Reports for libraries
  • HR issues in member libraries
  • Board orientation
  • Library card inquiries
  • Insurance
  • Media inquiries

Communications & Marketing Specialist
  Miriam Thompson (233) (on leave)

  • Advocacy and marketing
  • Marigold HQ website content/design
  • Marigold publications
  • Requests for displays or brochures
  • Media inquiries

Communications and Engagement Manager
  Jessie Bach (258)

  • Provides leadership and coordination for headquarters communications strategies and processes
  • Leads the development and implementation of communication and brand strategies across the organization
  • Oversees Marigold records management
  • Acts as Marigold's FOIP Officer

Executive Support & HR Specialist
  Nora Ott (222)

  • OHS & Employment Standards
  • Personnel changes in local library staff, Marigold Board members and other contacts
  • Request a tour of Marigold headquarters
  • Marigold Board meeting information

Accounting Specialist
  Alida Pituka (221)

  • Accounts payable/ receivable
  • Financial reports
  • Marigold Board expenses
  • Payroll
  • Marigold Purchasing Program

Administrative Support
  Jennifer Muckle (254)

  • Provides administrative tasks, bookkeeping and purchasing support. Plans and organizes events and supports purchasing program functions

Indigenous Outreach Specialist
  Rose Reid

  • Developing innovative services and programs prioritizing the needs of Stoney Nakoda First Nations


Library Services Consultants

  Kim Visser (257)                      Kristine den Boon (256)
  Nicole Dunnewold (255)

  • TRAC issues and concerns
  • Collection development and conversion
  • Rotating collections
  • Interlibrary loan
  • Summer reading program
  • Social Media - Marigold
  • Marigold Library System Conference
  • Member library program development
  • Polaris ILS; Simply Reports
  • Library procedures
  • Weeding & inventory

Digital Experience Consultant

  Jenn Laskosky (252)

  • Training requests: Polaris & Leap, eResources and member library websites
  • Member library website troubleshooting and assistance
  • Teen programming
  • Requests for library brochures
  • Help | Training for LibraryAware software and marketing

Library Services Assistant
  Barb Froese (241)

  • Summer reading program materials
  • Statistics and reports
  • Library close dates
  • Borrowing kits, gaming equipment, consoles
  • Large print and audiobook circulating blocks
  • Interlibrary loans - backup

Direct Services Clerk
  Nancy Smith (230)

  • L2U catalogue & services to L2U patrons
  • Interlibrary loan procedures & Training
  • Information About Book Deposits
  • Paperback Bestsellers Disbursement
  • Canada Post Shipping Tool
  • Library Lending Lockers
  • Kits & Games - backup


IT Manager
  Richard Kenig (240)

  • Central site IT infrastructure maintenance and operations
  • Network infrastructure
  • IT Capacity Fund
  • SuperNet
  • Website templates and technical issues
  • Polaris connectivity
  • Testing new partner connections
  • Emerging technologies

IT Specialists
  Jaspreet Singh (238)

  Steven Copland (229)

  • Network connectivity
  • Hardware & software issues
  • Recommendations for hardware & software
  • Relocating equipment in your library
  • Technical issues with website template


Director of Service Delivery
  Kristine Den Boon  (256)

  • Collection services
  • Delivery
  • Allocations and materials budget
  • Collection development and collection maintenance
  • AV and World Languages
  • Spending local funds/grants for materials

Shipping/Receiving Clerks:
  Bradley Hoffman (251)
  Devon Hall (251)

Bruce Paschal, Glenn Russell, Ian John, Rob Cielen, Dave McCaig

  • Organize and distribute material and correspondence going to libraries and courier
  • Manage vehicle scheduling and maintenance for Marigold's fleet
  • Receive materials, arrange shipping supplies for member libraries and track shipments

Collection Services Consultant
  Nicole Dunnewold (255)

  • Cataloguing and classification issues
  • Collection codes and shelf locations
  • Processing issues
  • Monthly fund reports
  • TRAC issues & concerns
  • Authors - getting your books into Marigold libraries

Collection Services Technician
  Misty Haugen (228)

  • Acquisitions and cataloguing
  • Works with vendors to order new materials for Marigold's member libraries

  Wendy Rezansoff (236)
  Lynn Blain (225) 
  Clara Cao (220)

  • Prepare purchase orders
  • Holds project reporting, database maintenance, lost items, World Language items and audiovisual bibliographic records
  • Authority clean-up and physical object cataloguing

Collection Services Clerk:
  Mike Froese (226)

  • Shelf-ready processing of all catalogued materials for member libraries
  • Add item records to Polaris for new conversion material as well as World Languages
  • Distribute monthly bestsellers
  • Organize HQ processing supplies and storage
  • Handle reassignments of collections materials from member libraries
  • Provide back-up for shipping and receiving