Zoom for Libraries

Marigold is conducting a pilot project for providing Zoom access/scheduling for member libraries activities including Board Meetings and virtual programming.

To have Marigold schedule a Zoom meeting/event for your library, please fill out the online form provided.

Please see below for FAQs and Best Practices. Still have questions? Contact us at zoom@marigold.ab.ca


What kind of events can I submit?

Board meetings, organizational meetings that the library is involved in, virtual programming.

Is there a limit to the number of events we can submit?

Currently there is not. As a pilot, Marigold staff will monitor the viability of this service and make recommendations after the conclusion of the pilot.

How do I submit my information?

There is an online form with the fields required to have a Zoom activity set up. They include the name of the event/meeting, the date of the event/meeting, the start and end time, and the email address of the organizer.

Why don't you want the email addresses of all the attendees?

Since you may not have all attendees registered yet, it is easiest for you as the organizer to forward the link to your registered attendees. Please do the same for board meetings, etc.

How far in advance of my Zoom activity should I be submitting the form?

Please submit a minimum of one week prior to your requested activity.

What do I do if something isn't working during my Zoom event? Who will troubleshoot?

Marigold staff are unable to troubleshoot all library Zoom meetings/programs. Please visit the Zoom Support page at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us for quickstart guides, video tutorials, and support topics.

Best Practices

Have the latest version of Zoom installed:

  • Open Zoom and click on your image, or the profile in the upper right corner next to the search box. A menu should appear with an option to check for updates. Clicking on that will tell you if your version is up to date, or it requires an update.
  • Do NOT install Zoom software from any website other than https://zoom.us

Do NOT post the meeting link anywhere publicly. Invite people by email or direct message.

Do NOT follow links to Zoom meetings, or other information, that does not point to the https://zoom.us website.