Audio Ciné Film Licences

Audio Cine Films Inc is one of the largest non-theatrical film rights representatives in Canada. ACF issues copyright licenses that allow organizations to present films in their library without infringing upon the Canadian Copyright Act.

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Marigold Library System has renewed the Audio Ciné Annual Public Performance Copyright Site License for member libraries. The license covers the period from January 1 – December 31.

Audio Ciné License Information

What is allowed:
  • The non-profit presentation of legally bought, rented, or borrowed films available to the general public.
  • The presentation/viewing of films covered by the license; this can include a “movie day” program for kids, to the playing of a movie in the library space whether or not it is part of a program.
  • find out if a movie is covered by the Audio Ciné license
  • A library cannot advertise a presentation/film by commercial means such as radio, television, or newspaper. Listing on the library’s website or social media is acceptable.
  • A library cannot charge admission for the movie (although it can charge for other things/incidentals, such as popcorn etc.). The license only covers ‘non-profit’ screenings.
Compliance requirements:
  • Marigold Library System must file a license report to Audio Ciné every 3 months of the films shown by member libraries. It is important that member libraries report their Audio Ciné statistics monthly to Marigold, even if the number of movies shown is “0”. This can be done by e-mail or by phone.
  • ALL movie showings must be reported – whether they are played in the background, or as part of a program.

Contact your Library Services Consultant if you have any questions.