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Roles & Responsibilities of Board Members

Marigold Library System 
Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

Marigold Library Board Members are appointed by their Municipal Councils to serve on the Marigold Library Board. As a member of the Marigold Library Board, a Board Member is responsible for the effective governance of Marigold Library System while acting in a position of trust for the member community.
The Marigold Agreement, Clause 8, states that “Each Party to this Agreement shall appoint one member to Marigold Board and maintain that membership during the term of this Agreement. Where there is a municipal library board the Party to this Agreement shall appoint one member from that board to be its member of Marigold Board.” This means that Marigold Library Board members do not necessarily have to be Councillors for Municipalities, although many are. It is also helpful for the Municipality to appoint an alternate who can attend a Board meeting when the official Marigold representative is absent. Marigold Library Board meetings are typically scheduled in January, April (AGM), August and November.
Marigold Library Board is authorized to govern Marigold Library System by two legal documents:  The Alberta Libraries Act and Regulation and the Marigold Library System Agreement (signed by the Municipal Council). With that authority, the Marigold Library Board assumes the responsibility for developing policies related to framework, governance, advocacy, and operational management of Marigold and of its library service points (community libraries).

Marigold Board Members will:

  • Attend Marigold Library Board meetings or arrange for an appointed alternate to attend.
    • According to the Alberta Libraries Act and Marigold Library System Procedural Bylaws, if a Marigold Library Board member misses three consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse and notification, the Municipal Authority shall be notified and asked to make a new appointment.
  • Be familiar and conversant with Marigold Library Board policies, bylaws and plans, Alberta Library Legislation, and the role and responsibilities of a regional library system.
  • Prepare in advance of Board meetings by reviewing Marigold Library Board documents.
  • Participate in Board discussions for a better understanding and clarification of reports, motions or issues facing Marigold.
  • Make informed decisions and perform duties in the best interests of Marigold Library System, including making and approving motions for policies, bylaws, plans and other Marigold business.
  • Advocate for Marigold Library System and defend the decisions and directions taken by the Marigold Library Board as a whole.
  • Actively contribute to the development and evaluation of Marigold’s vision, mission, values, and long-term strategic goals.
  • Keep Marigold Library Board business confidential when directed.
  • Carefully examine and ask questions on financial reports and budget forecasts to ensure that Marigold remains fiscally responsible.
  • Actively seek opportunities to inform and share Marigold documentation and information with municipal council members, local board members, and member library managers and staff.
  • Speak directly to the CEO when sharing ideas about how Marigold Library System business processes could be changed.
  • Support the recommendation by the Search Committee and the Executive to hire and evaluate the CEO. 
  • Maintain positive relations among the Board, committees, staff members and the community to work towards achieving the goals and objectives of Marigold Library System.
  • Volunteer for a Marigold committee if possible.