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Since 2002 Marigold's service population has nearly tripled, bringing with it the need for a larger, more functional building to better serve our growing service population. Marigold’s aim is to provide affordable, state-of-the-art public library resources and support so that, together with member municipalities and libraries, we can provide outstanding community-centred library service. With that in mind, in 2017 Marigold began collaborating with the Western Irrigation District (WID) on a joint facility 

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Marigold poised for a new headquarters building in Strathmore

The uniqueness of this joint project has generated much interest and positive responses from community members and other stakeholders across the province.
- Lynne Price, Director of Service Delivery

Two years ago, Marigold received the green light from the provincial government for a $3 million infrastructure grant towards a new headquarters facility – a welcomed infusion that complimented Marigold’s efforts to move forward with plans of a much-needed modern facility with greater capacity, up-to-date safety features, and additional space to carry out day-to-day activities.

Prior to the government’s decision, Marigold had enlisted the services of BRZ Partnership Architecture Inc. to conduct a feasibility study in early 2017 to determine space needs, building options, and costs for expanding the current Marigold Headquarters facility; a 9,650 sq. ft. space in a building originally constructed as an armory in 1953. The study acknowledged issues with occupational health and safety, organizational growth, inadequate space and workflow efficiency. This led the organization to recommend acquiring property and building a new facility rather than expanding and modifying the current building or purchasing and renovating a different building.

Inside our crowded headquarters building:

During Marigold’s search for a vacant site, discussions emerged with the Western Irrigation District (WID) who own several parcels of undeveloped land in Strathmore. The WID and Marigold, two community-minded organizations, forged ahead with a joint-use headquarters building to share and co-own a building. The decision was finalized when the Marigold Board authorized proceeding with planning for a new headquarters facility and entering into the partnership with the WID, in August 2017.

The new headquarters will provide sufficient staging and workroom areas for shipping and receiving, adequate space for the IT department to manage supplies and hardware, safety for loading and unloading vehicles, more parking, better acoustics, larger bathrooms, and an increased capacity to host meetings and training events and to collaborate with community organizations.

Over the years, Marigold set aside $3 million in reserves, received the $3 million Alberta Infrastructure grant and managed to secure additional funding of up to $2 million from Wheatland County.

Over the past year, CivicWorks Planning & Design – who was retained by Marigold and the WID to complete planning and design services for the undeveloped the WID land – presented a conceptual site plan to residents at an Open House at the Strathmore municipal building in September 2018.

In early December 2018, Strathmore’s council voted unanimously to rezone the parcel to Highway Commercial, allowing Marigold and the WID to move forward with a subdivision application. Shortly after, the tender for prime consulting and architectural services was posted. After a review of submissions in January and February, the contract was awarded to BRZ Partnership Architecture Inc. in early April.

Marigold and the WID have entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement for half of the WID land and signed a Development Agreement. While discussions with the Town of Strathmore regarding the Development Permit application and future preliminary designs and site plans are ongoing, Marigold’s new headquarters facility is on schedule to meet its completion date of Spring 2021.

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In response to suggestions from board members, Marigold staff publishes a quarterly newsletter called (New HQ Publication formerly titled ReNews). Read about our plans and progress in New HQ - issued after each Marigold Board meeting and as needed.

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