Please contact CEO Lynne Price if you have questions about Marigold's financial information. ext.248 at 1-855-934-5334 or 403-934-5334 

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Audited Financial Statements

2021 Statements approved 30 April 2022 by Marigold Board 

Marigold Audit Process


  • Marigold Board-appointed auditor performs a complete financial audit


  • Auditors present audited financial statement to the Marigold Executive Audited financial statement presented and approved at Marigold Board AGM 
  • Marigold Board appoints auditor for the next fiscal year
  • Statements become available after Marigold's AGM in April

2022 Final Budget

Approved 29 January 2022 by Marigold Board

Budget Process:

  • August:  Marigold Board discusses and approves the budget estimate
  • September:  Budget estimate sent to municipalities; memo outlines highlights 
  • November: CEO presents an extensive overview of the draft Budget at the Board meeting
  • January:  Final budget goes to Marigold Board for approval

Budget reflects Marigold’s Strategic Plan, Vision 2022

Schedule C

Contains information about contributions to Marigold by:

  • counties, municipal districts, special areas, improvement districts or any other municipality without a library board
  • municipalities having municipal library boards
  • municipal library boards 

Current Schedule C is for 2021 - 2022  

Schedule C Fact Sheet


Marigold Agreement: an Agreement by and between the parties comprising Marigold Library System.

  • Schedule C is attached to and part of the Agreement by and between the Parties comprising the Marigold Library System. (Municipalities sign the Agreement to be members; therefore Marigold is accountable to the municipalities)