Marigold & TRAC Resources

For questions about TRAC & Marigold, please contact your Library Services Consultant

TRAC Operational Guidelines for Member Libraries
Approved September 24, 2018. This document is reviewed annually by the TRAC Advisory Council and the TRAC Directors and contains guidelines for :
  • resource sharing
  • materials
  • damaged and lost materials payment
  • missing and in-transit items
  • contacing patrons
TRAC Library Card Application Form
Claimed to Lost Procedure
The TRAC Operational Guidelines explain that a Claim Returned or Claim Never Had item can be considered lost after six months. These procedures contain an overview of how to create a Claimed Report and have Claimed items deleted by headquarters. Please contact your Library Services Consultant if you have any questions about these procedures.
Collection Codes
Access the most up-to-date list of available Collection Codes. You may print off the form and send to HQ to request new Collection Codes, or download the file and email your requests to your Library Services Consultant. Newly available codes are indicated in red.
Conversion Guidelines for Member Libraries
These guidelines facilitate the processing of conversion materials sent to headquarters and expedite the return of items to your library. Please note the criteria for acceptable and unacceptable items.
Managing Lost Items
These documents provide consistency and meet the needs of all TRAC member libraries. Please contact your Library Services Consultant if you have any questions about these procedures.
Notes Procedure (Item Records)
A procedure for adding notes (public, non-public, physical condition and free text) to an item record.
Polaris Reports
This document lists all reports available through the Utilities menu of the shortcut bar in Polaris deemed to be necessary, recommended or useful to Marigold Library System member libraries.
Suggested Schedule for Required Polaris Reports
A scheduled for required reports (see Polaris Reports manual above), broken down for large and small libraries.
Volume Control Procedure
Volume control provides patrons and staff the option to place hold requests on a single issue of a magazine, single volume of a multipart book and single disc of a multipart audiovisual item.
Library Card Comparison - ME v. TAL
Use this chart to determine which library card(s) your patron requires.
Replacement Library Card Procedure Manual
Use this instruction booklet when replacing a patron's library card (does not apply to new patrons).
Polaris & Leap Manuals