Marigold Help Desk Is For Member Libraries Only

Help Desk - For Library Staff

For library staff to report issues:
1. Create a ticket through our automated ticketing software either by:

a) Log in to with your email address and fill out the form for submitting a problem
b) Send an email to which will create a ticket automatically

2. Call Marigold directly at 1-855-934-5334 ext. 215

TIPS to help library staff explain the problem:

  • Explain the issue as thoroughly as possible in your initial report so that we can diagnose the problem quickly and accurately.
  • Document the problem you are having with computer screen shots, if possible. The keyboard combination for this is Alt-PrtScn (Print Screen) to record (the PrtScn key is in the top right corner of your keyboard) and then Paste it into an email or Word attachment.


Go to Assist Express - For Library Staff  -- trouble shooting through remote connection

  • Library staff will need to call headquarters to receive a password
  • Log in to

Videoconference support for member library staff
Videoconference support is available for late night, scheduled videoconferences (e.g., late night RISE programs).

Support is available:

  • Monday-Tuesday, 5:00-8:00pm, through Chinook Arch Regional Library System
    Contact: 1-403-942-8030
  • Wednesday-Friday, 5:00-8:00pm, through Marigold Library System
    Contact: 1-855-934-5334 ext. 215 or ext. 229

Note: Support staff are only available if a videoconference has been pre-scheduled with headquarters.