Headquarters Staff

General inquires:  admin@marigold.ab.ca
Phone:  1-855-934-5334 or  403-934-5334

 Michelle Toombs (224)
 Administrative & Board matters
 System membership
 Levies - municipal & local
 Provincial matters
 Presentation to Council or Local Board
 Marigold services, including suggestions & concerns
 Media inquiries
 Deputy CEO
 Laura Taylor (242)
 Policy interpretation
 eResource questions and concerns  
 Grants - including, Federal, Provincial

 Annual Reports for libraries
 HR issues in member libraries
 Board orientation
 Library card inquiries

 Media inquiries
 Director of Service Delivery
 Lynne Price  (248)
 Bibliographic services

 Allocations and materials budget
 Collection development and Collection Maintenance

 AV and World Languages
 Spending Local funds/grants for Materials
 Communications & Marketing
 Carlee Pilikowski (237)
 Miriam Thompson (TBA)
 Advocacy, Marketing
 Marigold HQ website content/design
 Marigold publications
 Requests for displays or brochures
 Media inquiries
 Administrative Assistant & HR
 Nora Ott (222)
 OHS & Employment Standards
 Personnel Changes in Local Library Staff, Marigold Board Rep  and Other Contacts
 Request a Tour of Headquarters
 Marigold Board Meeting Information
 Accounting Administrator
 Alida Pituka (221)
 Accounts payable/ receivable
 Financial reports
 Marigold Board expenses
 Marigold Purchasing Program
 Indigenous Outreach Specialist
 Rose Reid
Developing innovative services and programs prioritizing the needs of Stoney Nakoda First Nations


Library Services Consultants

Nicole Dunnewold (257)

Kristine den Boon (ext 256)

TRAC issues and concerns
 Collection Development and Conversion
 Rotating collections
 Interlibrary loan
 Summer reading program | Teen programming
 Social Media - Marigold
 Member library workshop
 RISE videoconferencing
 Member library program development
 Polaris ILS; Simply Reports
 Library procedures
 Weeding & inventory 

Training & Communication Coordinator
Caleigh Haworth (252)
 Training requests: eResources, member library websites,  mobile apps
 Troubleshooting for and help with member library websites
 Requests for library brochures
 Help | Training for LibraryAware software and marketing
Library Services Assistant
Barb Froese (241)
 Summer reading program materials
 Statistic and reports
 Library close dates

 Borrowing kits, gaming equipment, consoles
 Large print and audiobook circulating blocks
 Interlibrary loans - backup
Direct Services Clerk
Nancy Smith (230)

L2U catalogue & Services to L2U patrons
VDX Procedures and Training
Interlibrary Loan Procedures & Training
Information About Book Deposits
Paperback Bestsellers Disbursement
Canada Post Shipping Too
Hussar Remote Locker
Kits & Games - backup


IT Manager
Richard Kenig (240)
 Central site infrastructure maintenance and operations
 Network infrastructure
 IT capacity fund
 Polaris connectivity
 Videoconference network planning, resolving technical issues
 Testing new partner connections
 Emerging technologies
IT Specialist
Jaspreet Singh (238)
 Network connectivity
 Hardware & software issues
 Recommendations for hardware & software
 Relocating equipment in your library
 Issues with videoconference equipment
 Technical issues with website templates
 IT Specialist
Steven Copland (229)
 Helpdesk and technical support
 Training and support materials for HQ staff and member libraries
 Technical inquires with videoconference network including scheduling and monitoring
 Computer issues, troubleshooting and queries
Bibliographic Services Manager 
Jessie Bach (258)


 Cataloguing and Classification Issues
 Collections Codes / Shelf Locations
 Processing Issues
 Monthly Fund Reports
 Co-manages (with Alida) Marigold’s Purchasing Program
 Records Management/FOIP
 TRAC Issues & Concerns
 Authors - getting your books into Marigold libraries
Bibliographic Services Technician
Misty Mlieczko (228)
Wendy Rezansoff (236)
Lynn Blain (225)
Clara Cao (220)

Bibliographic Services Clerks:
Mike Froese (226)
Alison Oleniuk (226

Shipping/Receiving Clerks:
Bradley Hoffman (235)
Devon Hall (235)

Bruce Paschal
Glenn Russell
Ian John