E-resources for Member Libraries and Library Card Holders

About eResources (electronic resources)

  • Marigold offers a number of eResources to its member libraries and their patrons (ask library staff for an eResource brochure)
  • An eResource is information placed in an electronic filing system, or database, that can be searched using a computer. It consists of articles or references from numerous magazines, journals, newspapers and reference books which have been digitally scanned and stored.
  • Some eResources are available through the TRACpac catalogue -- these eResources are harmonized across TRAC.
  • Other eResources (not in TRACpac) are only available through Marigold's or a member library's website -- these are made available exclusively to Marigold member libraries. Visit the eResources page of Marigold's website.
  • Downloadable Audio and eBooks are also part of Marigolds eResources.

The Alberta Library (TAL) licenses a group of eResources (TAL Universal Core) on behalf of its members. The composition of the core is re-evaluated every three years to ensure it meets the needs of members. 

  • Marigold pays for a core suite of resources on behalf of member municipalities and their public libraries.
  • A valid library card from a Marigold member library is required to access these resources.

eResource glossary

Full text - the whole article has been stored within the database, and you can retrieve it and print or e-mail the whole article.

Bibliographic reference - the title, author, magazine/journal /book title, magazine volume and page number, publisher and publishing date.

Abstract -  a brief summary of a magazine/journal article.

Scholarly - articles authored by academics for a target audience that is mainly academic.

Peer reviewed - the article goes through an official editorial process that involves review and approval by the author’s peers, who are experts in the same subject area as the author.  (most scholarly publications are peer reviewed)