Press Display: local access to global news sources

News Date: 
13 December 2012

Starting in January 2013, more Albertans will have access through their local public library to more than 1,200 newspapers from around the world through Press Display. The electronic resource provides up-to-date news and information from 94 countries in 48 languages, including 291 Canadian newspapers.  That means more library community members can read their favorite international, national and provincial newspapers from cover to cover, sometimes before the publications hit the newsstands.

The publications are full-colour, full-format, and run on a range of platforms, including PC, Mac, iPhone and Blackberry.

Press Display provides newcomers to Alberta with access to news in their native language, helping preserve cultural ties. Newcomers also have an opportunity to develop language skills by reading English-language newspapers.

In addition, urban newspapers in Alberta have been decreasing distribution outside the major centres. Through Press Display, more Albertans can access full editions of the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, National Post and more.

The $310,000 two-year Press Display license is funded by the Alberta Government through the Alberta Public Library Electronic Network, an integral part of The Alberta Library (TAL) consortium.

“We’re pleased to make Press Display available to all member public libraries,” says TAL CEO Clive Maishment. “Improving e-content by making more resources available provincially supports our shared vision of seamless access to library services.”

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Janelle Beblow
The Alberta Library Communications

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