New music download service for library cardholders

News Date: 
25 September 2012

On October 1, 2012 Marigold is launching a music service for member library cardholders called Freegal.  Freegal stands for Free and Legal and allows cardholders from any library in Marigold Library System to download three songs each week from Sony Music Canada and IODA (Independent Online Distribution Alliance) catalogue. 

“Patrons are asking for access to music resources.  Marigold is committed to providing a range of library services and programs that support and reflect the diverse needs and interests of member communities”, noted Michelle Toombs, CEO.  “Freegal is easy to use and is compatible with a variety of devices. We anticipate that it will be popular with patrons of all ages.”

Cardholders are able to browse hundreds of thousands of song titles, with new ones being added every day from best-selling artists in over 100 genres:  pop, rock, jazz, country, classical and many more.  Patrons can keep the songs permanently, or delete those no longer needed. There are no special software requirements and no digital rights management (DRM) issues. Mobile apps for Apple and Android devices available to library cardholders are also in the planning stage.
Frequently asked questions:

How does Freegal work?
Marigold Library System cardholders can download three (3) Sony Music Canada songs in the MP3 format each week at no charge to the cardholder!  Click the Freegal button on the Marigold Library System website at then login using your library card number and PIN.  It’s that easy.  Member libraries will also have links to Freegal on their websites.

Can I sign up for Freegal if I don’t have a library card?
Freegal is a music resource for library cardholders only. Residents of Marigold member communities can get a library card from any Marigold member library. It’s a good idea for each family member to have their own card. Each cardholder can download 3 songs per week using their library card number and PIN.
Do I need a specific device to listen to the music?
When the song is downloaded, you can listen to it on your computer (Mac or PC) or add it to any MP3 player.  You can also add the songs to your iTunes library and sync it to your iPod or iPhone.

How long do I get to keep the songs?
Once the file is downloaded, it is yours to keep.  The file never expires or disappears.  You have the ability to delete the song if you no longer want it on your computer or MP3 player.

How do I locate songs?
Browse or search music by genre, performer, composer, song or album.  You can listen to a 30-second sample clip of each song before you download. 

How do I download songs?
When you've selected an artist and song you want from Freegal's menu, click on the "Download Now" link next to your chosen song. At the prompt, select Save to save the file to your home computer or device. Please note:  anytime you click on the "Download Now" link, even if you decide to cancel it, the download will count towards your weekly allotment (3 per week).

I’ve downloaded three songs, when can I download three more?
Accounts are reset to zero each week at midnight, Sunday night. You can begin to download three songs again on Monday morning.

I reside far from a public library in Marigold. How can I get a library card that gives me access to Freegal?
If you reside far from a library in Marigold Library System or have difficulty getting to a library, you can get your library card through the Library to You (L2U) service from Marigold headquarters.
L2U cardholders can download music from the new Freegal resource as well as request materials from the L2U catalogue, from the TRACpac catalogue, and access other online resources. If you request audiovisual materials they will need to be picked up at a library in Marigold as these materials can’t be mailed to your home.
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