Marigold Set to Rebrand

News Date: 
22 November 2017
Marigold was established in 1981 with the bright, lively and resilient marigold flower as its logo. In 1992, the logo was changed to a stylized ‘M’ representing books on a shelf combined with the name of the system in a block form. Marigold has grown in leaps and bounds, not only in population served, but in the way in which it offers services and resources. Technology is taking customer service to a new level.
Rebranding supports Marigold’s Advocacy and Communication goal in its 2016-2018 strategic plan. Headquarters staff have been researching and speaking with representatives from companies that provide branding and logo design expertise. In October, a graphic design firm met with the staff and the Executive Committee to start the process. In preparation for the October meeting, staff and committee members enthusiastically answered the designer’s questionnaire which included fun questions like “If your organization was an animal, what animal would it be?” and “if your organization was a car, what kind of car would it be?" In addition to questions like “describe your organization in one sentence, in two words, in one word”.
At the August 2017 Marigold Board meeting, Board members approved a motion to authorize the Executive Committee to proceed with negotiations and to authorize the expenditure of funds for the building of a new Marigold Library System headquarters. A rebrand and new logo as we work on our financing and construction planning for the new building will provide an excellent opportunity to introduce and promote a new look for Marigold Library System. This is a time when Marigold will have optimum exposure to the outside world. The new logo will reflect the abundant energy, capacity and resilience of our library system that continues to grow and flourish.