Marigold receives capital funding

News Date: 
11 July 2017

After a great deal of collaboration with Public Library Services Branch (PLSB), Marigold member municipalities and lots of advocacy from all regional systems directed to elected officials, Marigold has received $3,020,000 in capital funding to put towards a larger and better equipped headquarters building.

This money, which must be spent by 2021, will be added to Marigold’s $2.5M savings. “We still have to raise an additional $2.5M for the project” noted Michelle Toombs, CEO. The search continues for a suitable site upon which to build.

A Feasibility Study will be presented at the August Marigold Board meeting. (Note: Marigold’s portion ($3,020,000) came out of $10.7M in one-time capital funding from the Province for infrastructure upgrades to regional library system headquarters).
Marigold Board Chair, Lynda Lyster: 
“Marigold Board is grateful for the provincial government’s capital funding for regional library systems. Headquarters staff finds it increasingly challenging to work in a 65-year-old building that’s undersized and in deteriorating condition. The funding enables us to pursue an affordable solution to meet operational concerns and sustain a high standard for public library service delivery to our members.”

For more information contact:
Michelle Toombs - CEO
tool free:  1-855-934-5334