Important Notice for All Member Libraries

News Date: 
27 October 2011

RISE bridge and new guidelines for videoconference connections

When RISE libraries participate in videoconferences, it requires equipment called a “bridge” that connects multiple sites (similar to a network server). The RISE bridge is located at Marigold headquarters.

Occasionally, videoconferences with organizations outside of RISE are being delivered to RISE libraries through the Government of Alberta bridge (GOA). If you are in a videoconference with a non-RISE site, you may be using the GOA bridge without realizing it. The cost of your library using the GOA bridge is billed back to a government department. The GOA bridge has advised RISE that the use of the GOA bridge is limited to sites for which a government department will pay. For libraries, the government department is the Public Library Services Branch, which currently has no budget to support videoconferencing through the GOA bridge (as per Dr. Diana Davidson from the PLSB).

What does this mean for RISE libraries?
If you are connecting to a videoconference that involves any sites that are NOT a part of the RISE Network, contact Denise or Steven at Marigold headquarters to make sure that you are using the RISE bridge. Even if you are making a point to point call or receiving a call, it may involve a different bridge. Effective immediately, RISE sites will not be connecting to other sites over the GOA Bridge. In addition, sites that wish to connect to RISE must use the RISE Bridge as we do not have access to the GOA bridge.

Michelle Toombs, Director
Marigold Library System