Good News for Marigold Library System

News Date: 
15 June 2017

Government of Alberta’s Budget 2017 contains an unexpected $3,020,000 for Marigold:  After a great deal of collaboration with Public Library Services Branch (PLSB), Marigold member municipalities and lots of advocacy from all regional systems directed to elected officials, Marigold is receiving $3,020,000 in capital funding to put towards a larger and better equipped headquarters building. This money, which must be spent by 2021, will be added to Marigold’s $2.5M savings. "We still have to raise an additional $2M for the project" noted Michelle Toombs, CEO. The search continues for a suitable site upon which to build. A Feasibility Study will be presented at the August Marigold Board meeting. (Note: Marigold’s portion ($3,020,000) came out of $10.7M in one-time capital fuding from the Province for infrasturcture upgrades to regional library system headquarters).

Marigold Board is grateful for the provincial government’s capital funding for regional library systems. Headquarters staff finds it increasingly challenging to work in a 65-year-old building that’s undersized and in deteriorating condition. The funding enables us to pursue an affordable solution to meet operational concerns and sustain a high standard for public library service delivery to our members.  Marigold Board Chair, Lynda Lyster.

Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs:  “Our government sees strong support for libraries as another way we are making Albertans’ lives better. Libraries play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed — especially our children and those developing skills and knowledge for the job market. As a champion for rural communities, I am particularly proud of the increased support for regional systems that will benefit Albertans in smaller communities.”

More Good News:  In 2016, the Alberta government started a new chapter to improve library access for Indigenous families by providing funding to cover non-resident fees. That funding continues. In 2017 Marigold will receive $93,000 for our Indigenous populations on Stoney Nakoda and Siksika First Nations for direct public library services.

“Our government is committed to ensuring that Indigenous people in Alberta have the same access to library services as any other Albertan. This funding will ensure that non-resident fees are no longer a barrier for those Indigenous people living on reserve who want to access their local municipal library.” -  Richard Feehan, Minister, Indigenous Relations

For more information or to discuss Marigold Library System's exciting plans for a new headquarters contact Michelle Toombs, CEO.

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