Executive Committee 
Fulfills the function of the Marigold Board, with full powers between Board meetings.The Executive Committee reports to the Board on actions taken and recommendations for the future.

  • Lynda Lyster (Chair, Marigold Board)
  • John Getz (Vice Chair, Marigold Board)
  • Gary Billings (Treasurer)
  • Kristen Anderson
  • Maxine Booker
  • Dimitri Dimopoulos
  • Kayla Jessen-White
  • Lillian Morrison
  • Susan Roper
  • Marian Walsh

Advocacy Committee
Raises awareness of the community and the Board as to the mission, value and importance of Marigold. The Advocacy Committee advises the Board and members of matters relating to government relations, including legislation and issues of interest to libraries.

  • Lillian Morrison (Chair)
  • Kayla Jessen-White
  • Jerry Kruse
  • Helen Veno
  • Lynda Lyster

Building Committee
Ensures a safe, hazard-free, effective workspace and working environment for headquarters staff.

  • John Getz (Chair)
  • Gary Billings
  • Denise Peterson
  • Lynda Lyster

Finance Committee
Oversees the preparation and presentation of the budget to the Board.The committee prepares and monitors policy statements in the areas of finance.

  • Gary Billings (Chair)
  • John Getz
  • Lynda Lyster

Governance Committee 
Ensures that structures and governance are in place and that the body of policy is consistent. This committee develops policy for the library service points (community libraries) in Marigold.

  • Kristen Anderson (Chair)
  • John Getz (Vice Chair)
  • Eleanor Chinnick
  • Jan Dyck
  • Margaret Nielsen
  • Denise Peterson
  • Lynda Lyster

HR Committee
Defines the HR policies for Marigold headquarters staff and reports to the Executive Committee.

  • Susan Roper (Chair)
  • Berniece Bland
  • Dimitri Dimopoulos
  • Lynda Lyster

Standards & Services Committee
Defines and directs the work of Marigold in the area of programs and services to the member municipalities.

  • Maxine Booker (Chair)
  • Elaine Michaels
  • Jo Tennant
  • Marian Walsh
  • Ghada Wirth
  • Lynda Lyster