Advocacy & Marketing Resources

Your community needs to know the role of the library in people’s work, studies, play and recreation, and home lives. That’s what marketing and advocacy are all about. Often, it’s a matter of changing perceptions – ours and theirs!  Everyone benefits when we find out what users really want, and then let the community know about everything we have to offer.

  • Advocacy is getting people who think highly of your library to speak to others about your library’s value and needs
  • Marketing is about finding out what people want, delivering it, and then evaluating progress
  • Publicity is sharing your message via channels such as posters, news releases, newsletters, and speaking engagements
  • Advertising is drawing attention to your library’s programs or events through a paid announcement
  • Branding establishes the link between your library and its image and materials
  • Key messages are short statements about your library that you want people to hear and remember

It all comes down to ... If you have patrons who love your library SO much they are willing to sing your praises to anyone who will listen, then you’ve done your job well

This page under development. Items we are exploring for this page include...
  • Tips for telling library stories
  • What to do when your MLA visits
  • Talking to VIPs that visit your library
  • Resources for:
    • powerpoints to council
    • creating a library annual report to the public
    • press releases
    • service brochures
  • Volunteer management information
  • Examples of talking points
  • Tips and other information to encourage patrons and residents to advocate for the library
  • links to advocacy-related sites

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