Consultation Services for Member Libraries

Consultation services are provided by professionally trained librarians who provide advice and solutions for:

  • collection development
  • board development
  • government relations
  • standards and best practices
  • reference questions
  • performance measures
  • space planning
  • weeding and inventory
  • staff training, personnel management, needs assessment
  • program planning

Training opportunities
provided at member libraries, at Marigold headquarters, and through videoconference, include:

  • One-on-one and group training programs designed and delivered by Marigold
  • Annual Marigold Member Libraries’ Workshop
  • Teen and children’s summer reading programs
  • Board orientation and development workshops
  • Library manager orientations
  • Assistance with strategic planning
  • Access to vendor training (e.g. Overdrive, online databases, Mango language learning software)

Marketing and Promotion

Marigold provides resources to support the Marigold Community in their advocacy initiatives.

  • Displays/posters/brochures to support local, provincial and national initiatives
  • Publications to inform member library staff, Board members, municipalities, volunteers and partners about current issues, trends and news
  • Marketing 101: Expanding the Library's Customer Base  --  This Marigold publication contains basic tips and ideas for marketing your library