Bibliographic Services for Member Libraries


  • Marigold has centralized, bulk purchasing and cataloguing. Marigold consultants do all the selection for most of the libraries; some of the larger member libraries with a professional librarian select their own titles. The Acquisitions Clerks place and track the orders and look after the invoices in the Polaris computer system.

  • The materials allocation budget specifies how materials are distributed to member libraries. Bulk purchasing of materials through primarily Canadian vendors achieves more buying power with up to 50% discounts off retail prices. 


  • Marigold has centralized cataloguing.

  • Materials in a variety of formats are catalogued:  Books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, reference materials, downloadable eBooks, large print books and materials in other languages

  • New material is sent to Marigold to be catalogued and processed.


  • Items are delivered “shelf-ready” to member libraries

  • Marigold supplies member libraries with library cards and plastic holders, stationery supplies, mailing labels, shipping bags and barcodes for materials. Marigold also offers a book purchasing program for customers.